MENGS® DY-60i 1/4" camera and 3/8" tripod screw camera ball head with clamp + quick plate which can adjust your SLR cameras in level

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US$ 33.36


SKU 14110002601
Weight (kg) 0.4500
Pieces in package 1Pcs
Model DY-60i
Type Ball head
Material alloy aluminum
Color Black
Package Dimensions 9 x 9 x 8.5cm



1. All-metal ball head, very smooth hand feel and excellent durability.
2. Built in level indicators to make sure the photography more precisely.
3. The independent control knob, can adjust your SLR cameras in level.
4. With a scale on the pan, it is suitable for panoramic shoots.
5. A removable quick-release plate is suitable for cameras with 1/4" screw.
6. 3/8" screw mount at the bottom, can be widely applied to various professional tripods.


Model: DY-60i
Material: alloy aluminum
Height: 76mm
Width: 99mm
Tripod Screw: 3/8"
Camera Screw: 1/4"
Weight : 450g


Customers Reviews

There is no problem even if CANON 5 D / 70 - 200 is installed.

ken  Rated:

March 22, 2017

Because I shoot not only movies but also still images, I like to change combinations easily. The picture is a set configuration of 360 VR and video panhead, but problems did not occur even if CANON 5 D / 70 - 200 was installed.

Lieferung ohne Probleme, gute Qualität

Peter  Rated:

February 2, 2017

Die Lieferung erfolgte ohne Probleme. Das Produkt ist sorgfältig produziert und zeigt keine Fehler. Der Preis liegt deutlich unter dem vergleichbarer Produkte.