MENGS® E27 5W Anion Air Purify LED Energy-Saving Light 10x 5630 SMD LEDs LED Bulb Lamp (400lm, Warm White, AC 110-240V, Anion Output 300W/Cc, 360°) Which Smoking Negative Oxygen Ions Lamp - White

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US$ 7.85


SKU 11012013601
Weight (kg) 0.1550
Pieces in package 1Pcs
Color White
Dimmable Not Dimmable
LED Color Warm White
Socket E27
Wattage 5W
Voltage AC 110-240V
Bulb LEDs 10x 5630 SMD LEDs
Bulb Diameter 60mm
Bulb Length 110mm
Luminous Flux 400lm
Beam Angle 360°
EU Energy Efficiency Label A+
Average Life 50,000 hours
Package Dimensions 15.5 x 7.5 x 6.5cm


The anion refers to a negatively charged oxygen ion, which is colorless, odorless. In an open space, after anion generator connection power source, free electron is being apart from its carbon brush, and then they are captured by oxygen in the air and changed into anion.

The main function of anion:

Improve the air strucfure.
Improve the lung function.
Promote the metabolism.
The function of protection.
Improve the quality of sleeping.
The function of sterilization.
The function of fresh the air.
Increase the body's anti-disease ability.

Methods to feel the advantages of anion firectly:

1. Take a covered transparent container which filled with smoke, and then placed the anion generator which is working in it. After 3-8 seconds you will find smoke in the container disappeared.
2. The anion generator is placed in a smelly environment, after a period time, you will find that odor was eliminated.

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