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SKU 29020000101
Weight (kg) 7.1000
Pieces in package 1Pcs
Package Dimensions 65 x 58 x 39 cm


Let your child bounce and sway in the Rainforest Jumperoo, which provides a safe place to play in a fun atmosphere. A new frame allows the seat to rotate a full 360 degrees and permits your baby to play with toys around the rainforest. This baby jumperoo stimulates visual and auditory senses, as the electronic toy at the front of this infant seat includes motion, music and lights that can all be activated by your baby. Two soft leaves extend from the frame to create an overhead canopy with Baby Jumper toys that dangle down to bat at and play with. The frame of this baby jumper toy pivots to a nested position, so it can be tucked away when not in use. There are three height adjustments for extended use. The Rainforest Jumperoo has a motion sensor that encourages babies by rewarding them with lights and sounds when they bounce.

SKU: 29020000101
Brand: MENGS
Type: Baby Jumper
Color: Green
Height: 85cm
Diameter: 77cm
Maximum Weight:25 lbs(11.3 kg)
Maximum Height: 32" (81 cm)
Seat Rotates: 360 Degrees
Height Adjustments: Three(1 level: 26.5cm,2 level: 30cm,3 level: 35cm)
Feature: Rocking + Music
Batteries: 1.5V x 3 AA batteries(not included)
Pakage including: 3X Base Tubes, 3X Hinged Bases, 1X Frame, 1X Seat, 1X Pad, 1X Electronic Toy, 2X Leaf Toys, 1X Rainbow Top, 1X Peek-a boo Tiger Base, 1X Lizard Toy, 1X Dragonfly Toy.


Motion sensor encourages baby to jump by rewarding with lights and sounds.
Electronic toy in front has motion music and lights that baby can activate.
Overhead canopy with soft toys that dangle for fun bat at play.
Colorful rainforest toys and fun music stimulate your child's visual and auditory senses.
All iron brackets are stable and balanced,ABS environmentally friendly plastic,double protection is more peace of mind.
The seat can be rotated 360 degrees freely. The cartoon seat in the middle of the installation can be rotated 360 degrees, making five fun toy locations accessible to baby.
3 height adjustment. The height of the spring strap is adjustable to make it more suitable for the baby's height.
Waterproof antibacterial fabric. Cut and sewed with 100% polyester fabric, waterproof and antibacterial, soft and tough surface, prevent bacteria from breeding, and effectively prevent skin allergies or eczema caused by sweating.
The fabric pendant is cut and sewn with environmentally-friendly soft cloth. It is filled with high-quality PP cotton. It is multi-color stitching to attract the baby to grab. Exercise the baby to look up and stretch to promote the muscle development of the baby's neck and limbs.
This product seat cushion can be separated from the plastic seat for regular cleaning and cleaning and cleaning when the baby is wet, more intimate, more convenient and more sanitary.


Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out or walk.
The pendant is not allowed to be machine washed. Please soak it in detergent and dry it with your hands.

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