MENGS® 612 7 LED Change Colour Digital LCD Alarm Clock All-In-One Push The Panel / Time / Temperature / Date / Timer And Alarm Made Of ABS

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US$ 5.01


SKU 20090000101
Weight (kg) 0.1700
Pieces in package 1Pcs
Model 612
Package Dimensions 11 X 10.5 x 8.5cm



1. All-in one push the panel ,time ,temperature, date, timer and alarm, which can be displayed by turn.
2. 7 colors LED backlight .
3. Time: 2 modes(12 hours/24 hours) are available .
4. Made of ABS, with electronic components .
5. With digital thermometer and be showed as centigrade or Fahrenheit .
6. The date can be selected from 1 Jan, 2000 to 31 Dec, 2099.
7. Count-down time less than 180 minutes 59 seconds.

How to use:

There are 5 button under the clock : on, mode, set, up, down .
when press the button on the backlight will light by the turn.
when press the button mode the clock can be show the four modes by the turn.
when press the button set you can set the clock as you want with the button up and down.

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