MENGS® VC-890D AC/DC Handhold LCD Display DMM Digital Multimeter with Test Lead and Data Hold Function Auto Power off Multimetro

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US$ 14.21


SKU 20070000601
Weight (kg) 0.4250
Pieces in package 1Pcs
Model VC-890D
Package Dimensions 21 x 14 x 5.5cm


This instrument is a hand-held intelligent multifunctional measurement instrument. With large LCD digital display, overload protection and battery under-voltage indication, it`s very easy for the user to operate this kind of meter. Whether for professional, factories, schools, amateurs or family, it`s an ideal multi-functional instrument.


DC Voltage: 200mV / 0.1mV, 2V / 1mV, 20V / 10mV, 200V / 100mV, 1000V / 1V
AC Voltage: 200mV / 0.1mV, 2V / 1mV, 20V / 10mV, 200V / 100mV, 750V / 1V
DC Current: 2mA / 1A, 20mA / 10A, 200mA / 100A, 20A / 10mA
AC Current: 20mA / 10A, 200mA / 100A, 20A / 10mA
Resistance: 200¦¸ / 0.1¦¸, 2k¦¸ / 1¦¸, 20k¦¸ / 10¦¸, 200k¦¸ / 100¦¸, 2M¦¸ / 1K¦¸, 20M¦¸ / 10K¦¸, 200 M¦¸/ 100 K¦¸
Capacitance: 20nF /10pF, 200nF / 100pF, 2F / 1nF, 200F / 10nF
Frequency: 2 KHz/ 1Hz, 20 KHz/ 10Hz, 20 KHz/ 10Hz
Temperature: -30~400¡æ/ 1¡æ, 400~1000¡æ/1¡æ

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