MENGS® 2W 5.8G Wireless WiFi 802.3af Power Range Router Signal Booster Broadband Amplifie

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This device can strengthen radio single to increase the effective range and coverage area of Wi-Fi communication .Simply attach the booster in between the antenna and wireless router or point and then watch your range grow. The benefit for sibgle booster also can save lots of wiring costs and easy to build wireless infrastructure for home or business use.


Working Frequency: 5.1~5.8G
IEEE 802.3af compatible
Working voltage: 6 ~ 18V
Receive Gain: 11dB ± 1
Transmit Gain: 17dB ± 1
Input Power: 3 ~ 20 dBm.
Optimal Input Power(P1dB): 2W (33dBm)
Working Current: 625mA @ Pout 29dBm 12V
Noise Factor: ≤ 3.0dB
Transmission delay: ≤ 1us
Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

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